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Cosmetic Botox


Dermal Fillers

"The most beautiful passion,
but cosmetics are easier to buy."
Yves Saint Laurent



Hope your day is as smooth as your forehead

Botox can reduce the appearance of fine facial wrinkles as well as to control excessive perspiration.

Non-surgical brow lift

Crows feet

Frown lines

Horizontal forehead lines

Masseter hypertrophy


Botox  -- $15 per unit.

Dermal Fillers

Beauty is skin deep....fillers go deeper

Dermal fillers are used to contour the face and add fullness to your skin to reduce the signs of aging.

Lip enhancement

Enhance cheek volume

Reduce nasolabial folds

Reduce marionette lines

Reduce under eye hollowness

Reduce deep wrinkles

Reduce acne scars

Reduce smokers lines

Price varies.

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